Quality Professional Pressure Washing & Mobile Detailing

Quality Professional Pressure Washing & Mobile Detailing gets the job done!

About Us

Quality Professionals was established in 2010 in Birmingham, AL.  we proudly offer the Birmingham area the finest total detailing services.  We strive for customer satisfaction, as we maintain high standards of professionalism and service.  Our attentiveness to our customers’ needs has kept our business successful.


Our customers are the foundation of our success.  To maintain customer satisfaction, we provide a variety of services created to accommodate our clients’ needs.  Our skilled staff members have detailing experience that spans over 50 years, and are able to apply their vast knowledge toward top-rate service for all of our customers.  To further ensure valuable service, we only use the highest-quality, eco-friendly products.

The services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Complete Detailing
  • Scotchgarding
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Leather Seats Cleaned and Conditioned Undercoating
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Odor Control
  • Acid Rain Removal
  • Boat Washing and Detailing
  • RV Washing and Detailing
  • Motorcycle Washing and Detailing

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Interior Detail:           

Shampoo seats, carpets, mats
Detail and dress door and sidepanels, dash and consoles. 
~Approximately 3-4 hours~ 

Sedans,Small SUV and Trucks: $100 
Large SUV, Large Trucks, Vans: $100-150 

Exterior Detail:


Hand wash, High speed buffing (gets out oxidation in the paint and tiny scratches), High Speed Polish, Hand wax and Sealant Applied. 
~Approximately 3-4hours~

Sedans,Small SUV and Trucks: $100-125 
Large SUV, Large Trucks, Vans: $125-150 

Complete Detail: 

Includes Interior and Exterior 

With Engine cleaning optional (can be done upon request, at no extra charge when getting complete detail.) 
~Approximately 4-6 hours~ 

Small 2 door sports car: $149.99 
Sedan: $169.99
Small SUV: $179.99
SUV, Large Trucks, Vans: $200 



Includes all services of Interior Detail, and a Hand Wash and Hand Wax on exterior 

Standard Cars and small SUVs: $129.99 
Large Trucks and SUVs:139.99

Hand Wash and Wax Special:


Hand Wash with Hand Wax on exterior, vacuum interior, quick wipe doors and sidepanels, dash and consoles, windows in and out and shine tires.  
~Approximately 1-2 hours~ 

Standard car: $49.99 
Small SUVs and Trucks: $59.99 
SUV, Large Trucks, Vans: $69.99 

***Hand wax is not the same as High speed buffing: Hand waxing applies a good coat of wax on the vehicle, but WILL NOT remove any oxidation or scratches***